Bordeaux Blanc: perfect for cheese!

Bordeaux Wine

We've all tried red or fortified wine with cheese, n'est-ce pas? Yet, a dry white wine is often a much better pairing. So, let's sweep aside that 'full-bodied red' or 'Port with Stilton' talk. It's time to enjoy some gorgeous Bordeaux dry whites that will bump up your plateau de fromage to a whole new level!

Dry Bordeaux whites for cheese

Although Bordeaux may be better known for its red wine production, the dry whites long predate the reds. There are currently almost 2,000 winemakers producing this alluring wine style in 12 AOCs across the region. The combination of diversity of terroirs, the oceanic crispness and the winemakers' expertise results in high quality crisp, fruity and structured expressions. These wines are not only affordable and versatile, but also really great with cheese. You can find more information on Bordeaux whites in a recent article on these pages.

Bordeaux white styles
Bordeaux offers a great choice of white wine, particularly for summer drinking. These include:-

So, with a diverse range of styles, there's a white Bordeaux to match even your most adventurous cheese choices!

Bordeaux Hot 50 Selection

The Bordeaux Hot 50 Selection is a new initiative. It showcases the exceptional quality, diversity and affordability of Bordeaux wines and pairs them with different styles of cheese. Here are two great examples.

Dourthe "Terroirs d'Exception" Roqueblanche 2019

Founded in 1840, originally as a wine merchant, Dourthe has become one of the best known and most successful wine producers in Bordeaux with châteaux throughout the region. The business currently manages more than 500 hectares of vines. This wine is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: pale straw with a hint of green.

Nose: aromatic and floral with notes of gooseberry, elderflower, lime and tropical fruit.

Palate: crisp, dry and herbaceous with refined notes of lemon/lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and guava plus bracing acidity. ABV is 12.5%.

Dourthe Sauvignon Blanc and cheese

Cheese Match: this wine is perfect for a soft, mild, mould-ripened goats' cheese like the award-winning Wensum White. The creamy, buttery, Brie-like cheese paired superbly with the freshness and acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc and helped bring out the fruity aromatics and herbaceous qualities of the wine.

Dourthe "Terroirs d'Exception" Roqueblanche Sauvignon Blanc AOC Bordeaux Blanc 2019 is available from Waitrose, RRP £9.49.

Mouton Cadet Blanc 2018

Mouton Cadet was launched in 1930 by Baron Philippe de Rothschild who wanted to make Bordeaux wine more accessible to a wider audience. By developing partnerships with over 450 winegrowers farming nearly 3,000 acres of vines, the Baron could produce wine that reflects the different terroirs of the region. Mouton Cadet wine is produced from grapes grown in the Entre-Deux-Mers appellation, an area of mixed soil types, but predominantly clay and limestone. This wine is made from a blend of 67% Sauvignon Blanc, 31% Sémillon and 2% Muscadelle.

Mouton Cadet
Tasting Notes

Appearance: bright, pale straw.

Nose: aromatic, floral and fruity with notes of citrus, gooseberry and light tropical fruit.

Palate: fresh, mineral, beautifully balanced and full of summer sunshine with similar fruity notes and a long finish. ABV is 12%.

Mouton Cadet and  cheese

Cheese Match: this wine would match perfectly with a washed-rind cheese like Stinking Bishop or Taleggio. I tried it with Waitrose's Époises de Bourgogne. The delicious soft, creamy cheese with its fruity tang and gentle salty edge paired superbly with the fruitiness and acidity of the Bordeaux Blanc making for a truly mouth-watering combo!

Mouton Cadet Blanc AOC Bordeaux Blanc 2018 is available from Vinatis, RRP £10.99.