🍺 Tipple of the Month: Dry January 2021 🍺

Lucky Saint 0.5% Unfiltered Lager

Lucky Saint 0.5% Unfiltered Lager

2021 is here and so is 'Dry January', the focus of many people's New Year resolutions. In the past, this has been a much more difficult challenge for anyone who loves the variety and flavours that alcoholic drinks can bring. Yet now, the choice is so much better and improving all the time.

Research has shown that a month without alcohol can have a positive impact on health, including lowering blood pressure and reducing risks of cancer and type 2 diabetes. Taking part in Dry January can also change long-term drinking habits with lasting health benefits.

As COVID-19 continues to focus our minds on healthy choices in our lives, flexing between alcoholic and no/low alcohol drinks is also a growing trend. So are there any great options for all-year round drinking, as well as during months of abstinence like Dry January or Sober October?

Lucky Saint's award-winning 0.5% Unfiltered Lager is a classic Pilsener, brewed in Bavaria over six weeks with just four ingredients - Pilsener malt, Hallertau hops, Bavarian spring water and their own single-use yeast. Not being filtered allows the beer to retain more body and flavour which is evident in the mouthfeel. There are notes of biscuit, citrus and spicy notes from the hops plus a gentle creaminess, resulting in a well-balanced, refreshing Pilsener-style beer that delivers on flavour without the alcohol. Although 0.5% ABV, because it's brewed, bottled and packaged in Germany, it can be labelled 'alcohol-free' rather than 'low alcohol' when sold in the UK. Otherwise the limit is currently 0.05%.

Last year, Lucky Saint became the first independent alcohol-free lager to be served on draught nationwide. In the meantime, as we wait for pubs to reopen, there are plenty of retail options for buying bottles, including direct from Lucky Saint's website shop and also from Majestic and Sainsbury's.