Longflint (5.2% ABV) - RRP £2.79



The trend for take-home pre-mixed spirits has seen several new entrants to the market, as the general popularity of cocktails continues to take the UK (and London in particular) by storm. Longflint, a drinks company from Tottenham, is a relatively new addition to this 'craft spirit' scene, but has quickly established itself as one of London's most innovative drinks companies. Their contemporary range features handmade tonics, sodas and seltzers mixed with gin, rum, vodka or mezcal from mainly British producers. For example, their Grapefruit, Sour Cherry & Mezcal Paloma is a superb and delicious take on this Mexican classic and all their drinks are below 6% ABV so highly quaffable and very much in keeping with current drink trends.

Their latest creation is 'British Hedgerow Gin & Tonic', available in handy 250ml cans. Despite the relatively low ABV of 5.2%, this has loads of flavour and is a refreshingly delicious and beautifully packaged example of a true classic. Based on natural botanical extracts of chamomile, woodruff, hawthorn berry and lemon verbena plus East London Liquor Company's London Dry Gin, this is clean and fresh on the palate with a herbal edge and just the right amount of that characteristic quinine/grapefruit-like bitter tang.

If you've never had a Longflint cocktail before, then do check them out and this new Gin and Tonic is a great addition to their fabulous range. Currently stocked in selected Clapton Craft stores, the cans will also be available in Wholefoods from next month.