Tipple of the Month: August 2021

🍺 Gen!us Craft Lager 🍺

Gen!us Craft Lager

One of the highlights from this year's Low2No Bev Show in June was Gen!us, a beer that doesn't strictly fit into the usual low/no category. It's not below 0.5% ABV or even 1.2%, but it does represent another segment within the lower alcohol and lower calorie drinks market. You can read more about the Low2Nobev Show here.

Gen!us Brewing

Jason Clarke and Charlie Craig founded Gen!us Brewing in Glasgow in 2018, with a mission to make healthier drinking a pleasure, not a compromise. At 3% ABV (1 unit of alcohol), Gen!us is similar to the light, refreshing craft beers prevalent in the USA. This award-winning 'light' beer is brewed with the finest Pilsner malts and three hop varieties - Styrian Golding, Galaxy, and Ella. The result is a refreshing, light, craft lager with a smooth, clean body, a subtle citrus edge and a hint of biscuit.

Smart Drinking

The Gen!us ethos is all about #SmartDrinking, helping consumers make well-informed, healthier choices. One 330ml can of Gen!us contains 79 calories, which is fewer than the average apple. The distinctive gold cans also feature vegan accreditation, industry-leading calorie and units labelling on the front and full food-standard nutritional information on the back.

Effects of COVID

COVID-driven lockdowns have seen convenience store shopping rise across the UK, as shoppers stay closer to home and seek to purchase more quickly. The pandemic has also focused many people's minds on healthier eating and drinking. So, no and low alcohol products, as well as lighter, low calorie alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

Charlie Craig says: "There's no doubt we're seeing a huge change in attitudes towards health and alcohol consumption, as evidenced by the growth in no-alcohol beers. However, most drinkers face an all-or-nothing choice: beer with lots of booze, or no booze at all. Gen!us offers a balanced alternative - genuine craft beer enjoyment but with less alcohol and fewer calories. We think that's a smart choice!"

Doddie Weir's MND Foundation

Genius Brewing is the official fundraising partner of the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation. The brewery donates 5p from every can of Gen!us to support Scotland rugby legend Doddie Weir's mission to tackle Motor Neurone Disease.

Where to find Gen!us Beer

You can buy Gen!us Craft Lager via the company's online shop for £23.99 for a pack of 12 x 330ml cans and delivery is free! The beer has also just been launched in 350 SPAR stores across Wales and in England, south of Manchester. This is in addition to the 100 SPAR Scotland stores where it gained a listing in 2020. The beer is sold in 330ml 4-packs for RRP £6. At only £1.50 a can, this is particularly good value for a craft beer.

You can also find Gen!us Craft Lager in smart bars, gastropubs, hotels, farm shops and wine shops across Scotland.

Gen!us Craft Lager is low in calories, but not low in flavour. It's the perfect choice for light, summer drinking and as a refreshing all-year-round alternative to full strength beer. It also raises money for a great cause.