Luxardo relaunches its Aperitivo

… and first listing for a Luxardo trio!

Luxardo is the oldest independent, family-owned liqueurs and spirits company in Italy and is still managed by the Luxardo family. Next year, the company will celebrate its 200th anniversary, as it continues to produce a diverse range of classic and new fruit-flavoured products.

Today in the UK, Luxardo is best known for its Maraschino, Limoncello, market-leading Original Sambuca and Sambuca flavours. Luxardo Maraschino and Luxardo Maraschino cocktail cherries for a premium garnish are the choice in virtually every top cocktail bar. Recent launches include a Sour Cherry Gin and a Bitter Bianco, but it's the spritz serve liqueurs that show particularly exciting growth.

The rise of spritz serve liqueurs

With more consumers recreating cocktails at home, the spritz serve is gaining popularity. According to international data and insight consultancy CGA's Q1 2020 Mixed Drink Report, it is now the seventh favourite mainstream cocktail style and one in four serves now features sparkling wine.

Refreshing and sour taste profiles

CGA's research also shows that the number one taste profile which consumers are looking for in a cocktail is 'refreshing'. Therefore, the spritz serve really hits the spot. Additionally, sour cocktails are also very popular, with nearly one in six consumers opting for these.

A Luxardo trio

Luxardo won 'Liqueurs Producer of the Year' in the Bartender Spirits Awards 2019. The brand scooped two gold medals, including one for Luxardo Aperitivo, which was also awarded 'Best Packaging of the Year'.

With the surge in spritz & sour cocktail serves, Luxardo has now launched a trio of Italian classics, each with its own distinctively different, natural fruit and herbal flavours. Luxardo Aperitivo (RRP £14), Luxardo Amaretto (RRP £18) and Luxardo Limoncello (RRP £18) gain their first listing in the off-trade as 70cl bottles, with nationwide UK delivery through Ocado.

Distributor Cellar Trends will promote this core trio of specialities to consumers who have enjoyed exploring cocktail mixing during recent stay-at-home months. Videos across social media and Youtube will offer expert tips on mixing and presentation by Luxardo Global Brand Ambassador Gareth 'G' Franklin. He will show how to complement, for example, the unique delicate bitter orange in Luxardo Aperitivo, which makes it stand out from other typically sweeter styles. 'G' will also partner with bartender influencers to enhance the sociable, entertaining aspects of the new serves and introduce signature ideas from their bars.

Cellar Trends will also implement an on-trade drive to promote the trio in Mediterranean-style spritzes (with prosecco and soda) as more bars and restaurants seize the opportunity to extend their outdoor drinking spaces, terraces and gardens.

Luxardo Aperitivo

Luxardo Aperitivo has been relaunched with a new bottle, showing a decorative retro label to highlight the appetising, light red liqueur.

Luxardo Aperitivo

Luxardo Aperitivo, 11% ABV, is an infusion of various herbs, roots and different citrus fruits. Its delicate, herbal, bitter-sweet flavour makes the ideal base for a refreshing spritz, served with equal parts of prosecco and soda, and garnished with an orange slice and olive.

… and at a time when more people are searching for premium, lower alcohol drinks, Luxardo Aperitivo and tonic with plenty of ice and a twist of orange peel to garnish makes a stylish, refreshing option.

Luxardo Aperitivo
Luxardo Amaretto

Luxardo Amaretto, 28% ABV, is an authentic strength amaretto. It gains its smooth, toasty almond flavour with a hint of vanilla from the fragrant essential oils contained in the pits of cherries, peaches and apricots. Serve it long with lemon juice, lemonade and soda, or as a classic Amaretto Sour with lemon juice and egg white, on the rocks.

Luxardo Limoncello

Luxardo Limoncello, 27% ABV, is made to the original Luxardo family recipe from 1905. Alcohol is infused with peel, pulp and juice from lemons harvested in southern Italy to give a bright, intensely zesty flavour.

Tina Connolly, Senior Brand Manager for Luxardo at Cellar Trends, says: "This Luxardo trio offers classic Italian flavours and authentic full-strength ABV. The flavours carry through and make them ideal as the base for refreshing spritz style serves. They are easy to make at home and also by bar staff who are faced with new challenges of serving attentively and responsibly in large alfresco areas and also indoors. They can be served simply with popular mixers or with prosecco for a celebration, to welcome a whole new season to be out and about and socialise again."