The "Doctor Wine" European Capitals Tour 2013; an update from London on the wonderful world of Italian Wine.

While beer sales, partly driven by financial considerations among younger consumers, have been rising markedly within Italy, wine consumption in the country is declining, hitting an all-time low, according to latest reports. In excess of 50% of Italian wine production is now exported, notably to the U.S. and Germany, with interest from China also growing strongly, an increase of nearly 30% over the last 13 years. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see many Italian wine producers marketing their wines abroad, especially in the key London market. The taste for Italian wine in the UK capital has been growing for several years, with Prosecco, in particular, finding itself a fashionable drink of choice for many Brits. Indeed, as a report in the drinks business recently highlighted, sales are increasing 50% every year, outperforming both Cava and Champagne. However, quality levels vary immensely and consumers are not always being given a truly representative choice of what is available.

Italian wine styles are hugely diverse, from light sparkling whites to heavy, tannic and spicy reds. In an effort to showcase quality, terroir-driven wines from his country to a larger European audience, Italian wine expert, Daniele Cernilli, organised the Doctor Wine European Capitals Tour 2013 in three cities – Berlin, Amsterdam and London. The following is a review of the last of these trade fairs, which took place on October 29th at The Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington, London. The wines listed here do not represent an exclusive list of Italian regions or styles, but I think they do give a flavour of some of the more intriguing expressions of the country’s international and autochtonous grape varieties.

VenetoTrentino Alto AdigeFriuli Venezia GiuliaBasilicataSiciliaPiemonteToscana

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