Vintage Roots Trade Tasting 2014

Vintage Roots

Congratulations to 25-year old Vintage Roots on their March 2014 trade tasting. A good selection of interesting wines from a company committed to promoting organic and biodynamic wines at affordable prices.

A couple of cracking sparklers to start with:-

Among the white wines, the ones I really liked were:-

Quinta do Romeu were also represented and I particularly enjoyed their Rosé 2013, made from three Portuguese grape varieties. Lovely berry and stone fruit notes.

Among the reds, there was a similarly enticing mix of styles:-

The sweet wine on show was Château Dudon Sauternes 2011. Smooth and fruity with notes of apricots, grapes and honey, backed up by good acidity, this is a food-friendly sweet wine that would go particularly well with blue cheese. £17.50 RRP.

Organic drinks

Good to see some organic beers and ciders on show too. It's always a pleasure to taste Freedom Brewery's Organic Dark Lager and I also particularly enjoyed Stroud Brewery's Organic Budding Pale Ale and Dunkerton's Organic Perry.

Freedom lager

Thanks to Neil, Lance, Niall and everyone else at Vintage Roots. Cheers!

This review is replicated from my original Facebook post.

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