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Healy's Classic Reserve Cyder

Healy's Classic Reserve Cyder

A cider, sorry cyder, unlike any other. This is a Cornish gem – a rich, complex, deep-flavoured, award-winning 8.4% abv cyder from Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm in Penhallow, 8 miles from Newquay. A visit here has attractions for all the family and you only need pay for the tractor ride or full guided tour, although you won’t want to leave empty-handed.

Drinking this cyder is like the equivalent of sticking an alcoholic baked apple in your mouth and squeezing out the juice! Long-lasting flavours of crème brulée and caramel orange remain on the aftertaste for the rest of your life! A warm, satisifying drink for the winter months, when chilled its appley intensity would definitely grace a late summer’s relaxation. I certainly enjoyed a glass or two last night. Cheers!

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