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Norfolk Punch

Norfolk Punch

To help wave goodbye to the winter blues, my latest "Tipple of the Month" is a taste of history. I first discovered and wrote about this drink in 2012 and having finished a bottle last week, I wanted to recommend it again on these pages.

Norfolk Punch is a 700-year old non-alcoholic herbal drink made to a secret monastic recipe, rediscovered relatively recently (how's that for alliteration!), brought back to England via Australia and re-launched in 2014. Originally made by Benedictine monks, it is reputed to have beneficial effects on energy levels and other malaises. Drunk hot or cold, it has a unique taste derived from the 33 raw ingredients. These include well-known plants used in traditional herbal remedies such as camomile, dandelion, feverfew, ginger and elderflower, sweetened with honey and molasses. The flavour reminds me of plums or prunes with an added zing of citrus acidity, pepped up by ginger and other spices.

Enjoy this traditional liquid gem revived from our past - a good health-inspired alternative to an alcoholic fruit punch, mulled wine or cider.

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